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Our original flavor dates from 1865. All hail menthol and eucalyptus flavor lozenges. They contain no artificial colorings or flavorings. 


 OES Drug Facts

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Sugar Free Honey-Lemon

Sugar Free Honey-Lemon

The newest addition to the Fisherman's Friend family: Sugar Free Honey-Lemon!

This refreshing flavor combines the soothing and great tasting flavors of honey and lemon with the same legendary strength of all our lozenges!


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Sugar Free Refreshing Mint

With demand for sugar free products on the rise, 1991 was the year our Sugar Free Refreshing Mint Flavor Lozenges were introduced. The new recipe proved a huge success.

Drug Facts: 

  SFM Drug Facts

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Sugar Free Cherry

Sugar Free Cherry with menthol lozenges are now available in the United States.


SFC Drug Facts