Jamie Lundhal superfan

Meet the #superfans: Jamie

In the last of our superfan series, we talked to Jamie Lundhal from Kingston-Upon-Hull. He makes sure tins are full of lozenges for the small group of Fisherman’s Friend fans in his office.

Jamie is a bit of a Fisherman’s Friend trendsetter in his office. The 35-year old forecasting and supply specialist has a small but growing group of colleague fans in his office, especially after a recent race between a few of them to collect packs towards a souvenir tin promotion. “I think people often think there is only one flavour, but their interest picks up when you can offer something new,” he tells us.

Although when he first tried at around 10 years old he only remembers coming across the Original flavour, he has since discovered many of our UK flavours with Cherry being his absolute favourite. He once took his 10-month old son on a 15-mile detour on a day out to swing by a shop he knew stocked a wide range of flavours. 

Like many of our superfans, he can’t resist trying some of our international range while travelling plus asking friends to look out for them too. He even has friends who send over a few packs of Raspberry and Spearmint each year from Germany.

Jamie always has a supply in the car and on his desk at work which means, together with his colleagues tin supplies, he’s never far away from a lozenge. “I also have found a few random packs recently that I didn’t know I had. I must be subconsciously hoarding supplies,” he reveals. We would call that sensible supply chain management, Jamie. And that is also why you’re a true superfan, congratulations.

Thanks to all our superfans who share their Fisherman’s Friend devotion with us over the past few months. Talk about strong!