Superfan Claire

Meet the #superfans: Claire

This week’s #superfan is writer and blogger Claire, from Brighton. Her devotion to our lozenges nearly caused her to miss a Eurostar connection at Brussels hunting for different flavours of Fisherman’s Friends in station shops. 

“The first time I truly remember trying them was at University,” says forty-two year-old mum of two, Claire, “I had a Norwegian boyfriend who often bought packs of Original.” She recently rediscovered the brand and has since been on a mission to try all our entire range, home and away.

On a hen weekend to Bruges, she hunted high and low for different flavours in that market, finally stumbling upon Apple and Cinnamon at Brussels station on the way home. “The queue was almost out the door but I wanted to try them. We nearly missed our train but it was worth it. My friend, the bride-to-be, did think it was a bit extreme!” she laughs.

Claire carries her souvenir tin everywhere with her. As a writer, she finds the menthol gives her the boosts she needs to focus at times. “Whenever I’m stuck on a particular feature or blog post, I pop one in, listen to some tunes and the words come unstuck,” she claims.

She has always liked strong flavours; her favourite sweets as a young kid were Cough Candy Twists. So it goes without saying Aniseed is in her top three flavours, along with Lemon and Cherry. Claire has even introduced our lozenges to her 7-year-old daughter, Lexie. “Her favourites are Cherry and Blackcurrant, although I break them in half to save wasting them, as she can’t manage a whole one.” Claire tells us.

Congratultions Claire, you’re most certainly a #superfan (with perhaps another future fan in the family).