FF foreign flavours

Fisherman's Friend Treasure Hunt

 “The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page”.

Any well-weathered traveller will tell you to collect moments rather than things, but we’re inclined to believe a good old fashioned treasure hunt will enrich your wandering…especially when Fisherman’s Friend is involved! So whether you’re Interrailing through Europe or embarking on an Asian adventure, why not jump on our lozenge-inspired travel trail, and tick some of these foreign flavours off your bucket list:

  • Salmiak in Norway
  • Raspberry in Germany
  • Spicy Mandarin in Thailand
  • Sweet Liquorice in France
  • Citrus in Sweden
  • Spearmint in Netherlands
  • Apple & Cinnamon in Switzerland

These pocket friendly treats make the perfect travel companions, and there are so many exciting flavours to be found far and wide! Each hunt will take you to hidden corners of these wonderful countries, creating the perfect opportunity to explore off the beaten track. Don’t munch them all along the way though – hoard some in your backpack for your family and friends back home.

Brace yourselves for those stormy seas, and send us your Fisherman’s Friend encounters with us on Facebook and Twitter!