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Fisherman's Friend Fan Culture

Our lozenges inspire people to create amazingly beautiful tributes and these last months they’ve been busy sharing them with us.

Fisherman’s Friend iconic brand and range of lozenge flavours clearly stirs creativity in our devoted customers leading them to take their fan culture to another level.


Scale model enthusiast, Christian Pomeroy, used one of our classic souvenir tins to create a tiny representation of a trawler on stormy seas. Although we would be a bit disappointed to open a tin and not find a healthy supply of lozenges inside!


Uber fan Ben Davis obviously could not bear to run out of lozenges at work, so built his very own Fisherman’s Friend tuck shop. It has four flavours on offer plus mini scoops to serve them leading other Twitter fans to praise his ‘sensational lozenging’. We wholeheartedly agree!  


We are always touched by the support of the local community in and around Fleetwood, where our factory is based. The Carn Brae hotel in Blackpool recently shared a fab picture of a vintage 1970s tin with their followers on Twitter. And our faithful Fleetwood stockist, Fleetwood Beach Kiosk regularly give us a mention on social media, plus they are a finalist in the Best Twitter Shop awards 2016.


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