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Meet the #superfans: Gerry

Keen outdoors adventurer Gerry is this week’s devoted Fisherman’s Friend fan, who’s kept a pack of our lozenges in tow for over forty years.

Gerry often uploads pictures of his Fisherman’s Friend adventures to Twitter, showing us his pack on the dashboard while touring with his cheese company in Blaenarfon to food festivals. “There’s always a tin in my work bag. If I’m out walking or cycling then I’ll carry my collectors tin with a mix of flavours,” he tells us. 

Gerry hates to ‘panic purchase’ so keeps plenty of spare packs in reserve and ensures constant access to his ‘friends’, as he fondly calls them. He tried Aniseed over forty years ago and remembers the lovely flavour feeling it gave him. Which is why he keeps a second tin uniquely for Aniseed.

Whilst on his travels for work, he likes to take time out kayaking, fishing and geocaching with his wife and their miniature poodle, who tries to rule the roost in the caravan. So his supplies of Fisherman’s Friend lozenges are stashed in amongst their fishing rods and kayaks when they are on road. 

“As for super fan status, I don't see it as that. If a product is good then enjoy, if it's amazing then share it,” he proudly declares. And we could not thank you more for doing so, Gerry. To us, you most certainly are a #superfan.Superfan