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Fisherman's Friend Memories

Fisherman’s Friend has over 150 years of heritage to its name and we love to hear how our little lozenges have formed part of your lives. We asked FF Super Fans and followers their earliest Fisherman’s Friend memory. Here are some of our favourite responses:


Janette said, “My brother Rog shared his FF's with me, he used to give me a lift to work and when I had a cough he offered me an FF before we set off, kept me quiet all the way and he gave me the packet when I got out, neither of us is without a packet now.”


Alison said, ‘When I was about six and I went on a family day out to the seaside. It was cold and wet and my dad gave me a Fisherman's Friend, which he said would keep me hearty and healthy. He always kept a tin of FF somewhere in the house.”


Nick said, “My first encounter was at school in Kirkham, not far from the Fisherman's Friend factory in Fleetwood. As a right of passage, we would eat a whole packet at once, crunching through a mouthful of fiery FFs. I still love them, 40 years later, and have packs everywhere in the house, coats, and car.”


Do any of these comments spark a memory for you? Let us know, what was your first Fisherman Friend memory?


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