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Better With Friends

We are in the business of friends and while our delicious range of lozenge flavours can be enjoyed anywhere at anytime, our fans agree sharing is caring. We asked our social media fan community what other activities are ‘better with friends’.

A walk in the park, a cup of coffee, a good film are all things we love doing but when we imagine the best possible experience, it’s always in the company of a good mate. And our lovely Facebook fans agree. The most common activities were active ones such as line dancing, running, walking the dog (man’s best friend) and conservation work. Lynn from Lyme Regis told us, “my favourite thing to do with friends is to help maintain the woodlands on the private estate where we live. It keeps us all active and is good fun with a great positive impact on the future.”

It also seems Fisherman’s Friend fans are a musical bunch, playing together in ukulele bands and busting out their pipes for karaoke. But what came through strongest in the replies to our post was the happiness and support at the heart of all these activities - the most important part of friendship.

Not only is our lozenge range vegetarian and vegan-friendly, we have six sugar free variants available in pharmacies and stores nationwide. This means, whatever you and your friends prefer, there’s a flavour to suit almost everyone.

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