Alfie Boe Visits Fisherman's Friend

You may remember Alfie Boe from our Talk About Strong TV advert earlier this year – or you may know him as a world-famous opera singer (a minor detail)! As a fellow Fleetwood export, Alfie was the perfect candidate for our Talk About Strong campaign:

“I was fortunate enough to be an ambassador for Fisherman’s Friend in a TV commercial. I was very proud because it was based in my hometown – when I saw my dressing room it was covered in images of Fleetwood, it really did bring me home.”


Mr and Mrs Lofthouse invited Alfie Boe to an exclusive tour of the Fisherman’s Friend factory, the same factory Alfie used to wonder about when cycling past as a child in Fleetwood. Spotting a few familiar faces on the factory floor, including his own cousin, Alfie was home. As he was exploring, he couldn’t help but notice the characteristic Fisherman’s Friend scent:

“It was outstanding! You walk into a room and you get hit by that menthol! Your sinuses open, your eyes become wide, your lungs start to expand – I’m going to blow Michael Ball off that stage!”


To find out if he actually manages to blow Michael Ball off the stage,tune into ITV on Friday 9th December at 9pm for ‘Ball and Boe: One Night Only’, a festive night of classic songs. As for Alfie’s visit to the factory, he did not leave empty handed! The Lofthouses presented him with a special edition giant tin which sits proudly on his mantelpiece to remind him of his hometown,

“When you come from somewhere like Fleetwood, you don’t forget it.”

We know exactly what you mean, Alfie.

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